Cedar and Deck Restoration

Our Start

Once upon a time (1991)....
I began learning what has become my labor of love, cedar restoration. Working for a brilliant business man that spent the previous 8 years perfecting his system, which I picked up and once on my own added my own improvements to. In 1998 I registered Superior and began working it during the day and also had a night job. While this was just supposed to be more of a therapy to keep me sane while working overnight, it quickly grew despite my best efforts to keep it small enough so that I may keep my "Real" job, as I wasn't sure I could do just this because of it's seasonal nature. It hasn't always been easy, but it has always been a pleasure working for the people.

About Wood

  • Even after cut into boards wood breaths, ages and needs nourishment

  • Stains don't nourish, they form a film

  • Films may slow the aging process some, but not very well on horizontal surfaces

  • Wood preservatives penetrate deeper into the dry layers

  • Wood preservatives are best if not let to make a surface film

  • Products that boast 5, 7 or lifetime warranties, well keep the receipt and empties